The culture of quality is a tradition that’s deeply rooted within our Company’s history. One of the guiding principles that has always been upheld and shared by everyone is that:

“The Company’s success and the satisfaction of its customers depend on the quality of the products and services offered.”

Antano group S.r.l – technologies for a better life.

This original idea of quality, which was purely technical in nature and was limited exclusively to the products and services, was gradually integrated with the concept that “quality” means:

  • understanding the expressed or implied needs of the Customers, in order to provide them with appropriate products and services and safe and effective medical devices;
  • understanding the expressed or implied needs of the stakeholders;
  • creating new products and services and improving upon those already offered, in order to anticipate the Customers’ future requirements;
  • providing qualified support to Customers, in order to allow them to utilise the products and services to their full benefit and satisfaction.


These quality goals are pursued through constant efforts at all levels, so that, in carrying out our daily operations:

  • Every activity is properly planned
  • All the activities are carried out according to the standards laid out in the Quality System, ensuring that all the requirements are met and effectiveness is maintained
  • Risk management is kept under control throughout all of the medical devices’ life cycle stages
  • Every activity carried out on the customer’s premises generates the expected result
  • Every activity is completed within the established time frames
  • Any complaints are resolved
  • The post-sale surveillance phase of all the medical devices is managed in such a way as to maintain their safety and effectiveness, in order to ensure the reliability of the products over time, as well as the continuous improvement of the technical capabilities and production standards.
  • The Company’s market image is improved thanks to an efficient organisational structure and greater transparency towards the outside world
  • Continuous improvement is pursued based on the analysis of the company’s performance
  • Specific commitments are met with regard to the oversight of the products’ compliance with the medical industry’s regulatory requirements.


In order to ensure the achievement of the Quality objectives and customer satisfaction, the Quality values must also be reflected within the organisation itself:

  • The value of a person is a value for the company;
  • It is important to document or justify all business decisions;
  • One can grow within the company through merit.



The entire Antano Group Srl organisation is committed to:

  • ensuring that accident prevention and occupational safety are considered primary goals of the policies adopted by Antano Group Srl;
  • ensuring, in particular, that the improvement of the organisation and, therefore, the productivity of the work activities, is achieved, even through the regulation and improvement of the safety measures at its work sites;
  • ensuring that everyone who is part of the company’s organisation, from the senior management to the workers, is considered responsible for the proper management of the accident prevention system;
  • respecting and enforcing the individual workers’ compliance with the current regulations and the company’s occupational safety and hygiene provisions, including the use of collective means of protection and individual protective equipment made available to them;
  • ensuring, in particular, that the prevention measures for accidents that could entail serious or very serious injuries are understood and applied by everyone with appropriate emphasis and diligence;
  • providing the necessary human, instrumental, and economic resources for the system’s implementation;
  • holding educational initiatives and training courses for the workers, in order to raise their awareness and train them to carry out their accident prevention and work organisation duties;
  • engaging and consult with the workers, including and especially through their safety representative;
  • pursuing the improvement of the company’s organisation in terms of safety and accident prevention;
  • preventing the employment of personnel who have not been properly registered or have not provided the mandatory documentation, as well as employment conditions that do not respect the regular working hours and break periods, even among its subcontractors.


All the activities carried out on the company’s premises and those that Antano Group S.r.l. carries out directly off premises (e.g. transport, services provided on the customers’ premises), as well as the activities carried out by third parties on the company’s premises that could interfere with its own activities (contractors), are analysed in order to identify any hazards that may be present, as well as any organisational and operational aspects that could have a significant impact on Occupational Health and Safety. The analysis is coordinated by the OHSM, in collaboration with the OHSD and the entire company structure (managers, supervisors, and workers), the competent physician, and any external companies operating on the company’s premises or upon whose premises Antano Group S.r.l. personnel are present.

As specified above, the risk assessment is preceded by a consultation with the workers’ safety representatives (WSR) by the employer or a person delegated by the same. The work processes are broken down into elementary phases, within which the potential dangers and dangerous situations are identified, and the relative risks are assessed.

Any occasional activities upon which Antano Group S.r.l. may have an influence, whether carried out on the company’s premises or off premises, to the extent possible, are also taken into consideration.